Damned is a Project of the end of study
Working in a group of 5 Student on a small project called Damend. Vertical scrolling game with different obstacle on PSP mini platform.

On this project, I realised the level design and the decors.

  • Level design
  • Lighting ( vertex color )
  • collisions
  • Optimizations
  • Integration of the resources
  • modélisation
  • Textures



Scene PSP

Reproduction of a realistic model medieval for psp, with the constraints to spread the map with a personal part, add an animate creature and add a particles systems

  • Modelling
  • Textures
  • Lighting
  • Implementation of elements
  • Realization and integration of skinmesh
  • Animations of decors
  • Particles systems
  • Optimization

Software: Maya, Fresh engine, Photoshop, 3Dcoat

Trulls Winhall