DuckTales the movie_Treasure of the lost lamp


Remake for Unity
Modelisation with maya and zbrush.
Texture with Photoshop and substance designer.
In unity :
– I have create particles for fire, godray and treasure.
– Animate in flipbook the eyes of scorpions .
– Animate the godray and his light.
– I put script for switch and rotate camera.

cam1 cam2 cam3 cam3-2 cam4 cam5 cam6


Fast Sight

Fast Sight is about a 1V1 asymetrical runner game

Player1 adds to meet as fast as possible and whatever the cost Player2
Using smart action and trap, player 2 will do anything to stop Player 1’s progress !

Both player are using an innovative technologythe eye tracker
It allows them to stop, control, target and activated with your eyes.
But be carefull ! some trap can be tricky and you should NOT look at it or you will be attracted like a fish towards a light.
Fast Sight is all about power and how to get full control of your gaming experience !


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Scène PS3

Reproduction of a realistic model medieval for ps3, with the constraints to spread the map with a personal part, add an animate creature and add a particles systems

  • Modelling
  • Sculpture hight poly
  • Retopologie
  • Backing textures
  • Textures
  • Lighting
  • Implementation of elements
  • Realization and integration of skinmesh
  • Animations of decors
  • Particles systems
  • Optimization

Software: Maya, UDK, Photoshop, 3Dcoat, Zbrush, Xnormal


Trulls Winhall